8 comments on “Be Advised: Xbox One Blu-Ray Can’t Play Game of Thrones

  1. “Microsoft has issued a correction causing the Season 3 Game of Thrones Blu-Ray discs to not play on the Xbox One.”

    Did you mean to say _not_ there? Seems like that was what the original story was saying too. 😦

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  3. The “fix” you spoke of did not work for me. So while reading the rest of your article and another one, I had left the disc in the drive and all of a sudden it started to play, so I’m not sure why, but it sat about 2 minutes in the drive before it started to play.

    • Which fix did not work, the one about opening the Blu-Ray app first without a disc in it?

      And you say that the disc started to load after 2 minutes?

      Did you ever get an error message while on the Xbox Dashboard notifying you to insert an Xbox One game or Blu-Ray disc?

  4. Hi Doc Rogers, thanks for the info on Blu Ray. I wanted to know if this will fix my problem I have with the regular dvd version of Game of Thrones on a Xbox one. Regina

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