11 comments on “How To Configure Astro Headsets With Xbox One

    • Turn HDMI audio off. Unless you’re plugging your Xbox One into an audio receiver with an HDMI. Otherwise set it to whatever your receiver is capable of. Your headsets are using the optical out. If you use your TV’s audio for television leave it stereo uncompressed.

  1. I am looking at purchasing the A40s or A50s, but I am seeing reports that there is cracking in chat when volume levels are slightly higher than “normal”. Have you had this same experience, and if so how can it be fixed. I would like to use these headsets as primary for both PC and Xbox, but I am not in the mood for paying over $250 for something that is going to cause headaches.

    • I have had no crackling noise with my chat adapter. There have been issues with the Dolby Digital encoding on Xbox One. Usually if you do a hard reboot by holding the power button for 10 seconds it corrects the issue.

  2. I have heard that there is an issue with cracking in the chat when voice volume is louder than “normal”. Have you had this experience with the adapter and are there any other issues you are aware of?

  3. I’m having a problem with my headsets. It keeps turning it self off after 5 mins. I read it’s an auto-off feature that occurs if you don’t talk for 5 mins but even if i talk the whole time it still shuts off. Any suggestions?

  4. I just purchased the astro a40 and would like to know if I should update to the newest firmware 5003 even though there are still issues mainly the chat where your party can barely hear you. So I was wondering if I should follow the setup you provided and wait for the next firmware update.

    • Some people don’t like this update. However, my friends thought it was fine considering they understood that it was a temporary solution until it is worked out by Microsoft. I just recently switched back to the previous firmware, only to use my headset with my Xbox 360.

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